Project Stan VanDerBeek

ProjectStanVanDerBeek, a long-term research project investigating the legacy of Stan VanDerBeek. Stan VanDerBeek (1927-1984) was a visionary avant-garde filmmaker, a painter and drawer, a master of cut-out animation, a collector of archival film stock, an experimental film projectionist and a pioneer in television art and computer animation. Always in search of new methods of representation, he explored the boundaries of filmmaking, opening it up to visual art, music, literature, performance, technology, architecture and consciousness. VanDerBeek's work combined a dark sense of satirical humor with a devout belief in the utopian potential of visual interaction. For him, images were language, a means of achieving universal communication. Stan VanDerBeek was a professor at UMBC and ran the Department of Visual Arts until his death in 1984.